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cob Urethral Sounds Silicone Plug Multi Beads Urethral for Beginner 4 PCS Set

cob Urethral Sounds Silicone Plug Multi Beads Urethral for Beginner 4 PCS Set Item NO.: 6924238131517

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  • ❤ Made of flexible, hypoallergenic and body safe silicone, assured by the maximum safety and comfort.
  • ❤ Multi bead and beads size for beginner/ experienced Urethral Sounds user both
  • ❤ 4 different sizes for your choice, meeting your various needs and pleasure.
  • ❤ Suitable for beginners who are urethral play lover.
  • ❤ Clean it before and after use with soap or sanitizer. Suggest use with water-based lubes!
Product Name cob Urethral Sounds Silicone Plug Multi Beads Urethral for Beginner 4 PCS Set
Item NO. 6924238131517
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Masturbators
Brand cob
Creation Time 2017-03-20

Suggest Use with lube! 
For beginner who do no like hard stainless! 

Material: Body Safe Silicone 
Size information 
Type A: Length 11.9"; Widest diameter 0.25" 
Type B: Length 11.9"; Widest diameter 0.2" 
Type C: Length 11.9"; Widest diameter 0.15" 
Type D: Length 11.9"; Widest diameter 0.1" 
Total Weight: 22.4g 
Package List: 4* Urethral Sounds Silicone Plug



This set is perfect for enthusiasts of all skill levels. The smallest size is very thin and the largest is quite thick, with a good spread in between. The material is soft and flexible, and very comfortable. Highly recommended.



This is a magic piece of kit. This is pure pleasure. It went in further and gave a great sensation was like nothing I've ever felt. It's just fun to give yourself somethingood!



I’m somewhat a beginner and I’ve always wanted to advance to something thicker and longer. I just received mine today and I was able to use the second thickest one. Definitely gave me a different feeling, but with time and patience I’m sure it’ll be great. It’s worth having, feeling it stretch the urethra feels amazing. Extra lube when you use these!I also would like to add, the tip is kind of pointed and it’s something I wish I knew before purchasing. It should be smoother.



These are nice for beginners because they are flexible but on other hand you need to use more lube also the quality of the silicone feels cheaper than other silicone toys I have. But these do work as they are supposed to. Different textures to stimulate different pleasures.



While it looks like a good quality sounds with a variety of sizes. I won't recommend this size for beginners. You might want something smaller.Mine came already opened and the tamper seal was disturbed. The bag inside kinda crushed looking and I don't know if it was messed with. I was refunded w/o a need to return. So I don't know what I will do with them.I decided to give it 4 stars since they refunded me.



For those guys who want the experience a feeling of pure pleasure. Just don't rush it, use alot of lube.Enjoy!






They're pretty much exactly what they look like. Felt safe and comfortable using it. It did burn a little after the first time, no burning then.Definitely worth the try.



I been looking for something like these for a long time, my only complaint is that these are not thick enough for me i like them ticker. But it's easy to clean and I can put it where it needs to be to get my enjoyment.However a bit of warning for those new to this, I tried the vibrations versions of these each with different companies and each one feels odd/painful maybe it's because I'm not us to it, but when it comes to going deep with this product I indeed hit the G spot, but I learned recently when I use a vibrator for anal pleasure I somehow got the same effect when using the Uplay Vibrators, and OMG you can feel it deeper in there, it feels odd but yet i wanna try an let it continue one day soon, think it might feel fantastic but for now it feels damaging so not taking that risk just yet till i do more research on the prostate.Pros: fits well, it's really long and can hit the prostate, bendable and easy to clean.Cons: Want more thicker versions say 2 inch would be nice for me at leastProduct is a must buy, but not for beginners - Suggestion for beginners would be the steel straight slim sizes, this product is more for those wanting to go deeper into the prostate without losing the item or causing damage. But still buy this if you want to try it, use good lube an don't worry the pain is natural just like doing anal for the first time you have to get use to it.Enjoy you sinister sexy people.



Very comfortable and addictive



Very comfortable and addictive



I LOVE IT. My partner is so satisfied with this little thing. It’s got everything I expected, right length, nice feeling. God damn, what a irresistible sexy toy. You gotta try this out.



Feels fantastic while sliding in. I was able to get the entire length into me without too much effort. Incredible feeling as it slides past the prostate.



I wish the tops on these were a little bit larger. If you're not careful, they can go all the way in when things get too exciting. Great for male or female use.



This is good quality sound in every respect. It has nice diameter and perfect length.it's smooth and the beads feel lovely. Not to mention the wonderful feelings it brought.



Silicone seems a whole lot friendlier than stainless steel. I imagine it's safer too. Never understand what they mean by beginner. It's about the diameter of your urethra, not your skill level. Guess I have a sophisticated urethra. Although maybe one could call it jaded.



There nice but like the metal ones better



Was skeptical about this purchase but woahhh this is a whole new type of experience. I bought the advanced kit right off the bat because the beginner one looked way too small. The smallest in the advanced kit is really nice and the largest is..well let's say it's going to take me a long time before I ever get there. It might hurt so go slow and ease into it. I recommend trying to go all the way because it feels best 1-2 inches before I reached the end. Good luck!PS. Try it at night so if peeing hurts you can heal overnight!



I have absolutely loved this product! Use a good lubricant such as Surgilube and clean your toys before use and you will not be disappointed. That said, I have one revision in design. A wider stop-cap at the end. It has luckily only happened once (while using the 8mm) that the whole thing had slipped in. Fortunately, with my girlfriend's assistance, we were able to retrieve it. Taking a closer look, the cap is barely larger than the rods themself when approaching larger diameter sounds. Which, in my experience, the large rod merely opens the door for the said cap to become lost. Even as they are, I am tempted to leave a 5-star review though, truly believe they need a minor revision to ensure my fellow customers' safety.



Can't lie, it wasn't for me. I tried each size and found it interesting, and for a bit, exciting; but the sensation wasn't that good and certainly didn't get me to finishing. The anxiety of losing such a thing in there was more that the fun was worth. If your curious about trying it these are a good place to start. Worth the money and good quality.